Secures More Than Half A Million Dollars In Seed Funding – Yahoo Finance

“We’re overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve received since the launch of earlier this summer,” said CEO Jana Bayad. “Closing our seed round was a huge win for SINGLDOUT and one that will help us continue to grow in major cities across North America.” SingldOut’s funding announcement coincides with the company’s website re-launch, which has been revamped to offer a more modern layout. Users can enjoy upgraded and unique member profiles with increased customizability, and more in-depth search options like the ‘SO Factor,’ incorporating all levels of compatibility. “Creating the new site with professional singles in mind and offering a fresh, appealing design were decisive goals of the re-launch,” said SINGLDOUT ‘s CMO, Elle France.

Three keys for the Giants and Royals in World Series Game 7 | Big League Stew – Yahoo Sports

Raw Video: Bruce Bochy On Loss In Game 6 Of World Series

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is gone from the TLC lineup amid allegations the former beauty queens mom is dating a convicted child molester, but the Boo Boo Nation is demanding a new reboot, presumably minus the embattled”Mama June” Shannon . “Give Sugar Bear and Poodle their own show” is the title of this online petition. Meanwhile, a new Facebook page titled “Make TLC Keep Honey Boo Boo” has been launched. “Giving Sugar Bear and Poodle their own show will keep the show goingand not allow other stars in the show to be punished for one cast member’s actions,” it reads. “Sugar Bear has gone above and beyond expectations of any man and father in raising not only his child but others as well, he was publicly humiliated continuously by the cast member which caused the Honey Boo Boo show to become canceled.

Indicators shift to Royals in decisive Game Seven – Yahoo Sports

Raw Video: Bruce Bochy On Loss In Game 6 Of World Series

Dauber provides answers to parents’ questions. How long should I wait after the divorce before dating? Everyone needs time to heal after a divorce. It is generally advisable to delay dating at least until you and your children have adjusted to the changes in your lives and until the intense emotions surrounding the end of your marriage have subsided.

Dating after Divorce: Tips for Parents; Parenting Specialist Toby Dauber of Morris Psychological Group Discusses the Issues for Children

Louis Cardinals to notch their only championship. Looking even deeper, three of the last five Game 7 winners have done so in walkoff fashion. It’s a difficult circumstance for the visiting team to get the final three World Series outs on the road. Ned Yost’s main focus should be keeping the game close at any cost so his team stays within striking distance.

Honey Boo Boo fans start petition, Facebook page demanding reboot |

They will be ready to play,” he said. Royals third basemen Mike Moustakas said home field was a tangible advantage. “That crowd out there in San Fran was rowdy, they’re loud and a passionate group,” said Moustakas. “But you come back to this place and we’re the same way out here.–mlb.html


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